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OneDrive is One place for all of your work files

OneDrive for your business needs. KGC Solutions as your trusted advisor.

OneDrive Migration

Four Simple Phases

Go from Server to Cloud

Designed for your data. Keep your company data protected with advanced encryption, compliance, and security features. OneDrive for Business is included in SharePoint Online, and can also be purchased as a standalone plan or with Office 365 plans.

Training and Migration

Notebook & Pad

Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, we start with building our relationship with you, understanding your environment and creating your OneDrive roadmap.


Review your Office365 setup and configuration for all applications, especially OneDrive.

Establish Delegated Administration in your Office365 portal.

Ask questions.

Start your wishlist.


Configuration and Setup Phase

Controlling your OneDrive settings and polishing organization policies.         

How do you want it to look and feel?

Configure all your OneDrive administration settings.    

How do you want to control your documents externally?

Discuss policies and Procedure

Plan your migration and go live schedule

Pick your training style

Plan the training curriculum

Office 365

OneDrive for Business search box. It’s smarter, with type-ahead features helping you find a document that might have been shared with you, or one that you tucked away several folders deep. You can also perform actions, like sharing these files, directly from the search results.


Finding files and sharing them is even faster with the improved search box.

Work training

Training and Migration Phase

Training all users and communicating the migration plan. 

Executing the migration once all users are ready.

Migration plan is communicated and executed

Establish “freeze” time and “off hours” for migration

Send end-user communications

Training and migartion

Post Go-Live Support

We stay with you to support your team!

End User community support

Training refreshers or reschedules

Project closure report

Managed Support Agreement

Post Go-live
Contact Us

Let us be your trusted advisors

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