About Us

We have all the know how you need

     KGC Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Partner focused on providing services associated with Project Management, Interim-CIO duties, and developing custom solutions using tools that are productivity multipliers like OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.


    With the collective experiences of our leadership team and resources, KGC Solutions provides guidance to organizations effectively selecting and utilizing leading-edge technology to manage change, organize information and simplify business processes that result in positive Business Value.

Our mission is to help organizations, of all sizes and types, increase positive business value by automating business processes, creating custom solutions and tools to manage, distribute and protect crucial information and business content. 

Our Mission

The business value should be articulated in the “Mission/Value Statement” for any project.

 Even more importantly, each member of the implementation team should articulate the business value being brought to the organization from their efforts. Over the last few decades, organizations have moved to technology solutions at a blinding pace, often ignoring some, if not all, of the fundamentals. At KGC Solutions we value the fundamentals. 


 Have you met our star team of experts? With our skill sets, whatever your vision may be, we can make it happen!

Hello There!

Office 365 Project manager

   Responsible for successfully planning, designing, executing, monitoring, and communicating any Office 365 business process application implementation.

  Our OPM’s listen to your business story documenting the requirements then working with our Office 365 Architects to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.      

Office 365 Architect

   Our Office 365 Architects are certified skilled technicians responsible for designing the structure and integration with available Office 365 applications.  Meeting the client projects requirements without customizations, making the solution inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

   This makes it easier to expand later with standard Microsoft technology.  They accomplish the best design approach by working with our Office 365 Project Managers (OPM) determining a level of effort and appropriate timeframe.

Office 365 Engineer

   An Office 365 Engineer is an active participant in our projects to help solve the technical problems with the approved Office 365 applications used to implement an automated business process. 

   This skillset includes conducting/testing integration components, collection of data points, and complete quality assurance for the implemented solution. 

    If certain requirements are to customize a solution or product our Office 365 Engineers work to accomplish these developments only after exhausting standard functionality.   

Office 365 UI/UX Designer

   The Office 365 productivity application suite provides for some custom flexibility with certain design elements. Our team is equipped to exploit these design elements and apply a one of a kind interactive visual experience to make your Office 365 application different than the rest.       

   We encourage and expect a WOW factor from our Office 365 UI/UX developers and require these designs create a positive and friendly user experience.