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We have the know-how you need.

Our Mission

​Our mission is to help organizations, of all sizes and types, increase positive business value by automating business processes, creating custom solutions and tools to manage, distribute and protect crucial information and business content.

About Us

KGC Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Partner focused on providing services associated with Project Management, Interim-CIO duties, Office 365 implementation, and developing custom solutions using tools that are productivity multipliers like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. With the collective experiences of our leadership team and resources, KGC Solutions provides guidance to organizations effectively selecting and utilizing leading-edge technology to managing change, organize information and simplify business processes that result in positive Business Value.

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Technology today

The constant throughout time has been Business Value...  


The business value should be articulated in the “Mission/Value Statement” for any project. Even more importantly, each member of the implementation team should articulate the business value being brought to the organization from their efforts. Over the last few decades, organizations have moved to technology solutions at a blinding pace, often ignoring some, if not all, of the fundamentals. At KGC Solutions we value the fundamentals.

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Technology and Business Value...

A look at back then and now

Technology used to be expensive and required a large amount of effort for design and engineering of common business applications.  At one time, the accepted thinking was to customize software to fit legacy business processes. It then became a common practice to accept as much "out of the box" functionality delivered by the software supplier as possible. Technology was so complicated that solutions were crafted by resources with deep technical knowledge who may not have a solid business understanding. 


Today, technology is often the lowest cost component in any implementation project. Getting the business process correct is paramount. It is important to find the best business process for your organization and fashion the application to fit. Compromises on the business process or software for customization are now value-based decisions. The business process owners take a more active role in configuring technical solutions and have responsibility for their maintenance. Use of technical resources, typically, is on a reference basis only.       

  KGC Solutions has deep experience in rescuing distressed projects and bringing them back to Business Value and will take projects from inception to timely and economical execution.

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