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Hello! How do we get started you ask? Well let’s start with becoming your trusted advisor on your Office 365 subscription. We like to start by partnering with you and becoming a delegated administrator on your account. Before we jump into that, let me explain exactly what that is and how it can benefit you and us.

Becoming a delegated administrator for our clients is very important as it builds a bridge keeping us connected for development ideas, best practices, and of course troubleshooting user requests. This is a feature only available to certified Microsoft Cloud Partners, and KGC Solutions is a Silver Partner with Microsoft.

Before getting started on a project, we create an invitation to manage your Office 365 subscription, this is an email generated invitation sent to a member of your organization. The point of contact accepts the invitation and sets permissions to full or limited administration access. Once that action is completed we receive a notification and begin working with our new partner.

We appreciate our clients allowing us to become a delegated administrator and look forward to these opportunities. By becoming a delegated administrator on your account you have direct access to a Microsoft Partner, and with that comes the ability to reduce additional support cost with Microsoft and possible lengthy calls with the Microsoft Support Center.

We take pride in our work, especially safe guarding our clients from things that could impact their day to day operations. By having the delegated admin access we monitor updates provided by Microsoft such as advisory warnings, sunset dates on features or functionality, and the call to action updates. If we see something that could impact your business we make sure you are aware and help to prepare and plan for those changes.

So if you are engaging with KGC Solutions on a project, just know you aren’t just getting the traditional project resources you will be getting a long term partnership!

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