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Teams File sharing is getting an upgrade

Image from Microsoft File Sharing Experience blog.

An intelligent content sharing experience.

Now, more than ever, working with the various Microsoft 365 applications provides streamlined collaboration experiences. Microsoft continues to connect systems and enhance functionality giving users many different ways to store and interact with files. When attaching files to a Teams post, users have been given more options to find where the source file resides—by viewing most recent files, by browsing their Teams and Channels, by connecting to OneDrive or uploading from their computer.

Coming soon, users will be able to share files with users instead of using an @mention to alert a user to a file’s availability, using the consistent file sharing mechanism already in use in OneDrive, SharePoint, and your Windows desktop explorer. Sharing sends an email message with a link to the file providing direct access to the file for the recipient.

When attaching a file to a Teams post, the file assumes the permissions settings established for the Team. When sharing the file, Teams will prompt when a user is not in the permissions group allowing you to make an informed decision for extending access to a file. Files can only be shared outside of your organization if your tenant has external sharing enabled.

What new features will be available?

- Share a link to a file with the entire Team or specific users.

- Determine the level of access permissions to be given to the file for the recipient.

- Receive notification of file permissions of recipients in chat before posting content

How is this update useful?

Sharing links to files allows the recipient of the link direct access to the file, wherever it is stored. Clicking the link opens the file for the user’s review and action, as needed.

Sharing can provide access to a file to a user who previously did not have access. Files can be shared outside of a private channel, outside of a Team, or if tenant permissions allow, to someone outside of your organization.

Sharing allows you to determine the level of access provided (read or edit) to the recipient of the link.

The sharing link works only for the recipient and cannot be shared with another person.

What should I do to prepare?

Review your file sharing options in the SharePoint admin portal to ensure that they align with the requirements in your tenant. Especially consider the ability for a user to share a file outside of the organization. This ability should be disabled for highly confidential files and information.

Establish guidelines for use of the sharing capabilities within your Team.

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