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Roaming Signatures



Status: In Targeted Release

Launch date: Production release late October, 2020

Awesomesauce! Signatures that Roam!

Sometimes, the most simple feature or enhancement can make the world of difference. This new feature is just that. With the new working environment due to the pandemic and many of us now working from home, sometimes it requires the use of a Windows device in each location—office or home office. This means you are logging into your account using a different device with a unique installation of the Outlook Client to send messages to co-workers or customers. So, you must create your email signature and keep it current in two different places.

Introducing…drum roll please…Roaming Signatures for Outlook for Windows.

How will it work?

Users are required to have a mailbox in either Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) or to take advantage of this new feature. When this feature becomes available to your organization, your email signature(s) stored locally in your Outlook Client will be copied into the cloud and associated with your email account. You can then point to that signature from any Windows machine where Outlook has been installed. The signature is stored and maintained in the cloud.

NOTE: Only New and Replies/forwards signatures will be copied. If you have created other signatures, they will remain available only in the Outlook Client where they were created and can continue to be used.

How do I prepare?

Nothing really for you to do to prepare other than ensuring the signatures in your Outlook Client are ready to be copied (no typos, conform to company standards, etc.).

After the feature has been made available to your tenant, you will need to use the Email Account drop-down in the Signatures and Stationary window from your email client to select where the signature to be used is stored (as shown in the following screen capture).

Would be nice for Microsoft to extend this new feature to other devices such as the OWA interface and mobile apps. And, maybe it does, but the literature doesn’t currently include this information. Fingers crossed! Hint, hint!

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