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How to prepare for SharePoint 2010 Workflow discontinuation.

2010 Workflows will no longer be supported for SharePoint Online

-“SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013-based workflows will continue to be supported for on-premises SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019 Server platforms until 2026.”

How will this affect me?

On November 1, 2020, all SharePoint 2010 workflows, OOTB or custom, will cease to operate in the SharePoint Online environment. If your organization is running SharePoint Online and your workflows are built using the 2010 platform, they will need to be recreated. Microsoft is recommending the use of Power Automate for this purpose. Although SharePoint 2013 workflows will still continue to operate, its not a bad idea to think about replacing them now too.

What can I do to prepare?

Inventory your SharePoint environment. Make a list of the current workflows and prioritize their replacement based upon use and complexity. Microsoft provides a SharePoint Modernization Scanner tool to help with this process. Put a plan in place to replace the workflows before November 1, 2020.

Microsoft has several good references on their support page to help you. For any complicated workflows, you may need to work with an experienced SharePoint Architect to convert to PowerAutomate.

See Microsoft’s post for more information on how to migrate to PowerAutomate.

SharePoint Online Workflow Deadlines

Starting August 1st, 2020, SharePoint 2010 workflows will be turned off for newly created tenants.

Starting November 1st, 2020, Microsoft will begin to remove the ability to run, create or execute SharePoint 2010 workflows from existing tenants.

Starting November 1st, 2020, SharePoint 2013 workflows will be turned off for newly created tenants.

What comes next?

Microsoft isn't planning to do further software development work on workflows, although security patches will continue to arrive. Microsoft is planning to turn off workflows for new SharePoint 2013 Online tenancies "starting in November." However, organizations can still use it. Organizations with new tenants after November 1, 2020, will need to run a PowerShell script to activate SharePoint 2013 workflows, the announcement explained.

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