Getting the most out of Power BI: Template Apps

See our first article on why Power BI is so great here.

Also, this just in! Gartner Magic Quadrant has recently rated Power BI the top leader of Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms (See Figure 1 below), and it’s now been a leader for 12 consecutive years. Pretty huge. Download the full report here.

So you’ve decided to use Power BI to get data insights and visualize your most important business info in visually-pleasing and easy-to-use dashboards. Clearly a smart choice, especially if you’re subscribed to Office 365. You probably already know it’s free to download with or without an Office 365 subscription. If you haven’t already, download Power BI Desktop here. You’ll want to upgrade to the Pro version if you plan on sharing reports and dashboards with others. More info about the features included in the $10/user/month Pro version can be found here.

One of the most valuable features of Power BI is the “Template Apps” feature. These are out-of-the-box packages of pre-built dashboards and reports that can be used with data from 3rd-party services like Salesforce, Github, and Quickbooks. From the Power BI Service, you simply create an app workspace (See Figure 2) to publish your apps to. Follow the simple steps to create an app name, choose your content and color theme, and delineate accessibility. Once your app is published, it can be shared with anyone with a Pro subscription. Your users are now empowered to get the information they need faster. Power BI has cut the time needed to create an app from months to hours with these out-of-the-box templates. Pretty amazing. Follow this link for detailed steps on how to create apps in the Power BI Service.

Figure 2: You need to create an app workspace in order to publish and share apps in the Power BI Service.

If you’re interested in launching Power BI reports and dashboards for your organization, we can help! As much as Microsoft is working to make these services as easy as possible to implement (and they’re doing a great job), it still takes an expert to show you the ropes and recommend best practices. There’s a lot to consider, sift through, and learn. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we’ll become your Delegated Admin and be your resource for all things Office 365, including helping you develop Power BI apps.

The world is automating and data is king. We’re prepared to alleviate any stress you may have related to those facts!

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